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definition of the word pace

by the Wiktionnary

From Old French pasLatin passus.



pace (plural paces)

  1. A step taken with the foot.
    Even at the duel, standing 10 paces apart, he could have satisfied Aaron’s honor.
  2. An English Customary Unit of distance measuring approximately five feet.[1]
    I have perambulated your field, and estimate its perimeter to be 219 paces.
  3. Speed or velocity.
    OHSU accelerates the pace of technology spin-offs.
  4. (cricket) A measure of the hardness of a pitch and of the tendency of a cricket ball to maintain its speed after bouncing.
  5. (military) For ground forces, the speed of a column or element regulated to maintain a prescribed average speed.[2]
  6. A 2-beat, lateral gait of a horse.
  7. The collective noun for donkeys.

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