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definition of the word opus

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Borrowed from Latin opus.


opuses or opera

opus (plural opuses or opera)

  1. A work of music or set of works with a specified rank in an ordering of a composer's complete published works.
    Beethoven's opus eighteen quartets are considered by many to be the beginning of the Romantic era.
  2. A work, especially of art.
    The painter's last opus was a dedication to all things living, in a surprising contrast to all of his prior work.

The most common plural of opus in English is opuses. Some people use the Latin plural, opera. Opi is fairly common in the field of classical music, though mostly in informal contexts. The use of any of these three pluralizations may result in the speaker being corrected, though opi above all should be avoided in formal contexts. Outside of music, the word opus sees particularly frequent use in the expression magnum opus.

An s-stem from a root op-, cognate to Sanskrit अपस् (ápas). A Germanic *abaz- is reflected in Old Norse œfr "vehement", Middle High German uop "labour" (Modern German üben), Old High German uobo, Gothic aba "husbandman"; Middle English and dialectal English aver "heavy draught horse".

opus (genitive operis); n, third declension

  1. work, accomplishment
  2. need

Third declension, neuter variation (3:N).

Number Singular Plural
nominative opus opera
genitive operis operum
dative operī operibus
accusative opus opera
ablative opere operibus
vocative opus opera

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