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definition of the word normalize

by the Wiktionnary

to normalize

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to normalize (third-person singular simple present normalizes, present participle normalizing, simple past and past participle normalized)

  1. To format in a standardized manner, to make consistent.
    We'll need to normalize these statements before we can compare them.
  2. To make normal, to make standard
    There is little hope that the two countries will normalize relations; the administration of each country seems to hate each other and would just as soon stay on bad terms.
  3. (statistics) To reduce to variations by excluding irrelevant aspects.
    After we properly normalize the measurements with respect to age, gender, geography and economic considerations, there remains little evidence of a difference between the two groups.
  4. (rail transport, transitive) to return a set of points to the normal position
  5. (rail transport, intransitive, of points) to return to the normal position from the reverse position

normal normalized normalizes normalizing normalization

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