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definition of the word norm

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norm (plural norms)

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  1. (the norm) That which is regarded as normal or typical.
    Unemployment is the norm in this part of the country.
  2. (sociology) A rule that is enforced by members of a community
  3. (philosophy) A sentence with non-descriptive meaning, such as command, permission, and prohibition.
  4. (mathematics) A mode or average
  5. (analysis) A function, denoted |v| or ||v||, that maps vectors to non-negative scalars and has the following properties:
    1. |v| > 0 or |v| = 0 iff v = 0;
    2. given a scalar k, |kv| = |k|.|v|, where |k| is the absolute value of k;
    3. given two vectors v and w, |v + w| ≤ |v| + |w| (the triangle inequality).

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