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definition of the word ne-

by the Wiktionnary

Proto-Germanic *ne- (not) from Proto-Indo-European *ne- (no, not). Akin to Old English ne (not)


  1. not, usually syncopated to n-
    neom (am not)
    næs (was not); nǣron (were not)
    nic (not I)
    nǣniġ (no one, none, not any, no (adj.))
    nealles (not at all, by no means)
    nefne (unless, except, not even)
    nabban (to have not, be without)
    nāgan (to not owe, not own)
    nǣfre (never)
    nyllan (will not, wish not, be unwilling, refuse)
    nāt ([I] do not know) < nytan (to know not)
    nyten (ignorant) (< ne + witan)


  1. attached to past-participles, gerundives and some adjectives to negate them
    necunoscut - unknown
    neînţeles - misunderstood
    neprietenos - unfriendly
    nefolosind - not using, without using
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