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definition of the word mur

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See also múr, and mùr


mur c. (singular definite muren, plural indefinite mure)

  1. wall; defence structure
  2. A wall-like structure built by overlapping bricks or by stones
  3. (soccer) wall


  1. Imperative of mure

From Old French (nominative murs), from Latin murus.

mur m. (plural murs)

  1. wall

mur (m)

  1. wall

Latin murus.

mur m. (oblique plural murs, nominative singular murs, nominative plural mur)

  1. wall

mur m

  1. wall

From Latin mōrus.

mur m. (plural muri)

  1. blackberry bush

From Latin mūrus.

mur m. (plural muri)

  1. (rare) wall


  1. Alternative form of mura.

mur c.

  1. wall; defence structure
  2. A wall-like structure built of overlapping bricks or of stones
  3. (soccer) wall

mur m. (plural muriau

  1. wall

Welsh mutation
radical soft nasal aspirate
mur fur unchanged unchanged


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