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definition of the word median

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From Middle French médian < Latin medianus (that is in the middle) < medius (middle); see medium.

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median (plural medians)

  1. (statistics) The measure of central tendency of a set of n. values computed by ordering the values and taking the value at position (n. + 1) / 2 when n. is odd or the arithmetic mean of the values at positions n. / 2 and (n. / 2) + 1 when n. is even.
  2. The area separating two lanes of opposite-direction traffic in the United States. This area is often covered with vegetation, but also may be covered in concrete and possess traffic accident safety devices such as guardrails.
  3. (anatomy) The middlemost marquee of the body that divides the subject in a symmetrical fashion, such as a 'median sagittal section', which divides the body symmetrically on a vertical plane, as opposed to a 'parasagittal section', which is a vertical cross section that does not divide on a parallel symmetrical alignment.

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