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definition of the word mann

by the Wiktionnary

From Proto-Germanic *mannaz, probably from Indo-European though the derivation is problematic. Cognate with Old Frisian man, mon, Old Saxon man, Old High German man (German Mann), Old Norse maðr, Gothic 𐌼𐌰𐌽𐌽𐌰. The Sanskrit मनु (manu), man) seems to be cognate; some have suggested a common root from an Indo-European base word for mind (possibly from *men- "to think"), though this is by no means universally accepted.

mann m.

  1. person, human
  2. man (adult male)
  3. the rune , representing the sound /m/

Singular Plural
nominative mann menn
accusative mann menn
genitive mannes manna
dative menn mannum

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