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definition of the word mal

by the Wiktionnary

From French mal (illness).



mal (plural mals)

  1. (only in set phrases) Illness, affliction.
    a grand mal seizure
  2. (surfing) Contraction of malibu. (the longboard type of surfboard).

A substratum word, akin to Romanian mal

mal m. (def. singular mali, def. plural malet)

  1. mount


  1. small

mal f. (plural mallen, diminutive malletje, plural diminutive malletjes)

  1. A device to help drawing shapes
  2. A device to help shaping objects in plaster or plastics etc.

mal m. (f & pl malle)

  1. funny, crazy

The adjective mal always refers to an aspect of a thing or person. It is the adjective form of the noun mallerd.

From Old French mal, from Latin malus, derived from Proto-Indo-European *mel- (bad, wrong). Near cognates include Spanish malo and Italian male.

mal m. (plural maux)

  1. trouble, difficulty
    J'ai du mal à m'imaginer celà. (“I have trouble imagining that.”)
  2. pain
    J'ai mal à la tête. (“I have a headache.” Literally, “I have pain at the head.”)
  3. evil


  1. badly
    C'est mal fait. (“It's done badly.”)


  1. (in set phrases and limited constructions) bad
    bon an, mal an
    bon gré, mal gré
    Il est mal de [infinitive]
    C'est mal de [infinitive]


  1. times
    sechs mal sieben ist zweiundvierzig
    six times seven is forty-two6 × 7 = 42

From mala (to purr).

mal n.

  1. purr

n-s Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative mal malið - -
Accusative mal malið - -
Dative mali malinu - -
Genitive mals malsins - -

See malur.


  1. Accusative singular of malur.

From Latin malus


  1. bad
  2. evil


  1. badly, poorly
  2. wrongfully, mis-


  1. bad, badness, something bad
  2. evil
  3. illness
  4. pain, ache

mal m. inv.

  1. Apocopic form of male.

mal f.

  1. home, house

Portuguese Wikipedia has an article on:

Wikipedia pt


  1. bad (faulty; not functional)

This Portuguese entry was created from the translations listed at bad. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see mal in the Portuguese Wiktionary. This notice will be removed when the entry is checked. (more information) April 2008

From Dacian *mala or *malwa (attested in 'Dacia Maluensis') (< Proto-Indo-European *molH-). Has an Albanian cognate, mal (mountain).

mal (plural maluri)

  1. shore

From Latin malus, derived from Proto-Indo-European *mel- (bad, wrong).

mal m. (apocopate, standard form malo)

  1. (before the noun) Apocopic form of malo. bad; evil

The adjective form mal is only used before a singular masculin noun. In other positions, malo is used instead.

mal (comparative peor)

  1. badly; poorly

mal m. (plural malos)

mal m.

malos m.

  1. evil; harm; a bad thing or situation
    de mal en peor — “from bad to worse”

mal c.

  1. moth
  2. wels catfish (Silurus glanis)

Inflection for mal Singular Plural
common Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative mal malen malar malarna
Genitive mals malens malars malarnas


  1. imperative of mala.

From Arabic مال (māl), property).


  1. assets
  2. (slang) stupid person
  3. (slang) prostitute
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