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definition of the word mór

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See also mor, moor, mör, and Moor


  • IPA: /ˈmoːr/
  • Hyphenation: mór

mór (not comparable)

  1. Moorish (of or pertaining to the Moors or their culture)

mór (plural mórok)

  1. Moor

mór m.

  1. (also in plural) moor, heath
  2. (uncountable) peat

From Old Irish mór, már. Cognate with Old Welsh maur (Welsh mawr, Cornish maur), Breton meur, Gaulish -mârós; Greek -μωρος (great, famed) (ἐγχεσί-μωρος) in spear-throw; Gothic -mêrs (famed), mêrian (proclaim), Old High German mâri (famed), -mar in Germanic names German märchen (a tale), Norse ṁerr (famous); Slavonic -meru (Vladimir, etc.); Latin merus, English mere. Compare Scottish Gaelic mòr.

  • IPA: [mˠɔːr]


  1. big, large, great


  1. to magnify
  2. to exalt, praise

Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
mór mhór unchanged
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

From Proto-Celtic *māro- (compare Welsh mawr) < Proto-Indo-European *moh₁-ro- (compare Old High German māri (famous, great) and perhaps the element -μωρος in Greek ἐγχεσίμωρος (enkhesimōros, mighty with the spear), ἰόμωροι (iomōroi, boasting), σινάμωρος (sinamōros, mischievous, hurtful), ὑλακόμωρος (hulakomōros, always barking)).


  1. big, great
    Is mór in dethiden file domsa diibsi. – "Great is the solicitude that I have for you."

mór n.

  1. a large amount, a large number; much, many (with the modified noun in the genitive)
    mór fína – "much wine" (lit. "a large amount of wine")
    mór fer – "many men" (lit. "a large number of men")

  • IPA: [moːɾ]

mór (comparative and superlative forms motha, also )

  1. (dated) Alternative form of mòr.

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