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definition of the word lim

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From Germanic *limu-, probably related to *liþu- ( > liþ). Cognate with Old Norse limr.

lim n (plural limu)

  1. limb, bodily member; branch (of tree etc)

From Germanic *leimaz, from Indo-European *lei-. Cognate with Middle Dutch līm (Dutch lijm), Old High German līm (German Leim), Old Norse lím (Swedish lim). The PIE root is also the source of Latin limus ‘mud’.

līm m (plural līmas)

  1. mortar, paste, lime

lim m. () ()

  1. sheet metal

Declension of lim Singular Plural
Nominative lim limovi
Genitive lima limova
Dative limu limovima
Accusative lim limove
Vocative lime limovi
Instrumental limom limovima
Locative limu limovima

lim n

  1. glue
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