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definition of the word laukku

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  1. A bag (soft).
  2. A case (hard).

Kassi, laukku, pussi and säkki may all be translated as "bag" into English. Even if the distinction is not clear-cut, these Finnish words refer to different kinds of bags. Kassi and laukku are the kind of bags that one would use to carry goods on one's person, and consequently, they are normally equipped with a handle, whereas pussi and säkki most often are not. Kassi is made of textile, plastic, paper or other soft material but laukku is made of stiffer and heavier (leather, strong textile), even hard material, as long as its main purpose remains the same. In English, one would use the word "case" of this kind of laukku. Pussi and säkki are generally for packaging and storage, the main difference being the size, and secondarily, the heaviness of material. Säkki is the larger of them and is mostly called "sack" in English.


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