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definition of the word knap

by the Wiktionnary

to knap

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to knap (third-person singular simple present knaps, present participle knapping, simple past and past participle knapped)

  1. (transitive) To shape a hard, brittle material (such as flint, obsidian, chert, etc.) by breaking away sections or flakes, often forming a sharp edge or point. Distinguished from "carve" because each fracture goes across one entire face or facet, and from "cleave" because breaking (knapping) vitrious, brittle homogeneous (i.e., not crystaline) materials inevitably results in curved, conchoidal fractures.

The verb chip is often used as a synonym of the more specific word knap. The term knap is used in archaeology for the production of flaked stone tools and in gunsmithing for the production of gunflints. Knap is often used in more formal discourse for the general term percussion flaking. Knap is rarely used in stone masonry except to denote fine chipping done with smaller hammers but without the chisel. Knapping is indeed percussion flaking but rarely is used to describe the production of gunflints.


  1. hardly, barely

knap, knappe (comp. knapper(e), superl. knapst(e))

  1. smart, intelligent, gifted, talented
    Sam is een knappe kop die altijd goede cijfers behaalt, terwijl zijn minder knap broertje elke schooldag deerlijk van de riem op de blote billen krijgt, enkel in het weekend krijgt diens knap werk in het stadion de lof en boekenwurm Sam de billenkoek
    Sam is a brainiac who always gets good marks, his less bright kid brother gets the belt bare-butt dearly every schoolday, only in the weekend his smart performance in the stadium gets the praise and bookworm Sam the spanking
  2. attractive, beautiful, handsome

knap (invariable)

  1. quite/rather ... (reinforces what follows)

imperative and singular present imperfect forms of knappen

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