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definition of the word item

by the Wiktionnary

The word started as Latin item for "also", "in the same manner", and got its present English meaning by people misunderstanding usage in lists where the first entry began "Imprimis" (Latin for "firstly"), and the other entries each started "Item" (Latin for "also"), in former times when most learned people in England knew Latin.



item (plural items)

  1. A distinct physical object.
    Tweezers are great for manipulating small items.
  2. A line of text having a legal or semantic meaning.
    In response to the first item, we deny all wrongdoing.
  3. A matter for discussion in an agenda.
    The first item for discussion is the budget for next year's picnic.
  4. (informal) Two people who are having a relationship with each other.
    Jack and Jill are an item.
  5. (psychometrics) A question on a test, which may include its answers.
    The exam has 100 items, each of which includes a correct response and three distractors.

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