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definition of the word honey

by the Wiktionnary

Old English huniġ.


countable and uncountable; honeys

honey (countable and uncountable; plural honeys)

  1. (uncountable) A viscous, sweet fluid produced from plant nectar by bees; (countable) a variety of this substance.
  2. A thing likened to honey for its sweetness, desirability, etc.
    1595 Shakespeare, William, Romeo and Juliet, Act 5, Scene 3, lines 91-93:
    • O my love, my wife! / Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath / Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty."
  3. A term of affection.
    Honey, would you take out the trash?
  4. (informal, countable) An attractive woman
    Man, there are some fine honeys here tonight!
  5. (color) A spectrum of pale yellow to brownish-yellow colour, like that of most types of (the sweet substance) honey.
    honey colour:    

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