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definition of the word hjarta

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hjarta n.

  1. heart (muscle)
  2. heart (seat of emotion)

n2 Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative hjarta hjartað hjørtu(r) hjørtuni
Accusative hjarta hjartað hjørtu(r) hjørtuni
Dative hjarta hjartanum hjørtum hjørtunum
Genitive hjarta hjartans hjartna hjartnanna

  • hjarta mítt - my love (address)

hjarta n.

  1. heart (muscle)
  2. heart (seat of emotion)

  • (seat of emotion): brjóst n. (literally "breast")

From Old Norse hjarta.

hjarta n. (definite singular hjarta; indefinite plural hjarto; definite plural hjarto)

  1. heart (muscle)
    Hjarta er ein muskel.
    The heart is a muscle.
  2. heart (seat of emotion)
    Hjarta mitt vil det annleis.
    My heart want it different.
  3. plural definite of hjarte
  • hjarta” in The Nynorsk DictionaryDokumentasjonsprosjektet.

From Old Norse hjartaðr.

  • hjerta (bracket form; also Norwegian Bokmål)

hjarta (masculine hjarta; feminine hjarta; neuter hjarta; definite singular hjarta; plural hjarta; comparative meir hjarta; superlative mest hjarta)

  1. brave
  2. hearted (describing a person's mind; used to create other adjectives)
    Han var ein hardhjarta person.
    He was a hardhearted person.
  • hjarta” in The Nynorsk DictionaryDokumentasjonsprosjektet.

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