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definition of the word hic

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  1. An approximation to the sound of a hiccup, used e.g. to indicate drunkenness.
    "This wine - hic! - tasted good."

From Latin hic est quæstio (here is the question).

hic m.

  1. snag, hitch, catch, problem
    Voilà le hic.
    Here’s the problem. (or) There’s the rub.


  1. hic! (indicating drunkenness)
    Ce vin, hic ! sent bon.
    This wine—hic!—tastes good.

hic m., haec f., hoc n.

  1. this, used to refer to a person or thing close to the speaker
    Mitte hunc mea gratia.
    Let him alone for my sake.
    Si versus horum duorum poetarum neglegetis, magna parte litterarum carebitis.
    If you neglect the verses of these two poets, you will miss a great part of literature.
    Hanc rem publicam salvam esse volumus.
    We wish this republic to be safe.

Irregular: Roughly similar to first and second declensions, but with singular genitives ending in "-ius" and singular datives ending in "-ic".

Number Singular Plural
Case \ Gender M. F. N. MM. FF. NN.
Nominative hic haec hoc hae haec
Genitive huius huius huius hōrum hārum hōrum
Dative huic huic huic hīs hīs hīs
Accusative hunc hanc hoc hōs hās haec
Ablative hōc hāc hōc hīs hīs hīs

hīc (not comparable)

  1. here
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