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definition of the word hennara

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  • IPA: [ˈhɛnːara]

hennara f. sg.

  1. her, hers, genitive singular of hon (she)

Personal pronouns - Persónsfornøvn
Singular (eintal) 1. 2. 3. m 3. f 3. n
Nominative (hvørfall) eg hann hon tað
Accusative (hvønnfall) meg teg hana
Dative (hvørjumfall) mær tær honum henni
Genitive (hvørsfall) mín tín hansara hennara tess
Plural (fleirtal) 1. 2. 3. m 3. f 3. n
Nominative (hvørfall) vit tit teir tær tey
Accusative (hvønnfall) okkum tykkum
Dative (hvørjumfall) teimum
Genitive (hvørsfall) okkara tykkara teirra

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