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definition of the word green

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From Old English grēne.

green (comparative greener, superlative greenest)




  1. The color the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 520–570-nm.
  2. The color produced by mixing yellow and blue pigments.
  3. Having green as its color.
  4. Sickly, unwell.
    Sally looks pretty green — is she going to be sick?
  5. Inexperienced.
    John's kind of green, so take it easy on him this first week.
  6. Environmentally friendly.
    Let's buy green copier paper for the office
  7. (figuratively) Overcome with envy.
    green with envy
  8. (cricket) Describing a pitch which, even if there is no visible grass, still contains a significant amount of moisture
  9. (food, dated) Of bacon or similar smallgoods, unprocessed, raw, unsmoked; not smoked or spiced.[1]
  10. Unripe, said of certain fruits that change color when they ripen.
  11. (wine) Of wine, high or too high in acidity.
  12. Of freshly cut wood or lumber that has not been dried, containing moisture and therefore relatively more flexible or springy.

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