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definition of the word grande

by the Wiktionnary

grande (not comparable)


not comparable

none (absolute)

  1. (chiefly US) Of a cup of coffee; smaller than venti but larger than tall, usually 12 ounces.

grande f.

  1. Feminine form of grand; big, large
  2. great

Latin grandis.

grande m. and f. (m and f plural grandi, comparative più grande or maggiore, superlative grandissimo or massimo)

  1. (size) big
  2. (quantity) large
  3. (height) tall
  4. (width) wide, broad
  5. (length) long
  6. (importance) great

grande m. and f. (plural grandi)

  1. an adult or grownup
  2. a great man / woman

grande m.

  1. greatness, extensiveness, largeness

From grandis (large, great).

grandē (comparative grandius, superlative grandissimē)

  1. loudly

grande m. and f. (plural grandes)

  1. big

From Latin grandis (large, great).

grande m. and f. (plural grandes)

  1. (after the noun or predicatively) big
  2. (before a plural noun) great

When used before and in the same noun phrase as the modified singular noun, the form gran (great) is used instead of grande.

grande m. (plural grandes)

grande m.

grandes m.

  1. grandee
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