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definition of the word gol

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See also Gol, gól, and göl


  • IPA: [ɡoːl]

From Latin vigilia (wakefulness, watch) < vigil (awake) < Proto-Indo-European *weg- (to be strong).

gol m. (plural golyow)

  1. feast, fair

gol m. (plural golyow)

  1. sail, veil

From Old Church Slavonic голъ (golŭ), from Proto-Slavic *golъ.


  1. naked

From English goal.

gol m. sg.

  1. goal (in sports)


  1. goal (in soccer)

  • IPA: [ɡɔl̪ˠ]

gol (genitive goil)

  1. Verbal noun of goil.

Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
gol ghol ngol
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

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gol m. inv.

  1. (sports) goal (act of placing the ball into the goal)


  1. for (e.g., for the purpose of...)

gol m.

  1. weeping, wailing
  2. (of dogs) baying

From English goal

gol m.

  1. goal (in soccer)

  • Hyphenation: gol

From English goal.

gol m. (plural gois)

  1. (sports, Brazil) goal (area into which the players attempt to put an object)
  2. (sports, Brazil) goal (act of placing the object into the goal)

From Slavic golŭ

gol 4 nom/acc forms

  1. empty
  2. (of a person) naked

English goal

gol n. (plural goluri)

  1. (sports) goal

From Old Church Slavonic голъ (golŭ), from Proto-Slavic *golъ.

gól (not comparable)

  1. nude

  • nag (less formal)

English goal

gol m. (plural goles)

  1. goal (in football)


  1. Past tense of gala

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