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definition of the word full

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Old English full

full (comparative fuller, superlative fullest)




  1. Containing the maximum possible amount of that which can fit in the space available.
    The jugs were full to the point of overflowing.
  2. Complete; with nothing omitted.
    Our book gives full treatment to the subject of angling.
  3. Total, entire.
    She had tattoos the full length of her arms.
    He was prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  4. (informal) satisfied, especially in relation to eating.
    "I'm full", he said, pushing back from the table.
  5. Of a garment, of a size that is ample, wide, or having ample folds or pleats to be comfortable.
    She needed her full clothing during her pregnancy.
  6. Having depth and body; rich.

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