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definition of the word fornax

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fornāx (genitive fornācis); f, third declension

  1. A furnace, oven, kiln.
    • 29 BCE, Virgil, Georgicon, liber IV: 263
      [] aestuat ut clausis rapidus fornacibus ignis
      [] as the rapacious fire blazes in a sealed furnace
    • 29-19 BCE, Virgil, Aeneid, 8.420
      striduntque cauernis / stricturae Chalybum et fornacibus ignis anhelat
      Chalybian ores hiss in the caverns, and from the furnace mouths puff the hot-panting fires

Number Singular Plural
nominative fornāx fornācēs
genitive fornācis fornācum
dative fornācī fornācibus
accusative fornācem fornācēs
ablative fornāce fornācibus
vocative fornāx fornācēs

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