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definition of the word forma

by the Wiktionnary

Proto-Germanic *formon, superlative form of *forai ( > English fore). Cognate with Old Saxon formo.


  1. (ordinal) first

Weak only
singular plural
m n f
nominative forma forme forme forman
accusative forman forme forman
genitive forman formra, formena
dative forman formum

Latin forma.

forma f. (plural formas)

  1. form


  1. third-person singular present indicative form of formar.
  2. second-person singular present imperative form of formar.

French former

a forma conjugation type 1, -ez- infix

  1. (transitive) to form, to create, to make
  2. (transitive, of elements) to form, to make up

Forms of the above word


  1. third-person singular imperfect form of forma.

Forms of the noun formă

forma f.

  1. definite singular nominative form of formă.
  2. definite singular accusative form of formă.

From Latin forma < Ancient Greek μόρφα (morpha); see Latin entry

forma f. (plural formas)

forma f.

formas f.

  1. shape; form


  1. third-person singular indicative present of formar
  2. second-person singular imperative of formar


  1. to shape, give form
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