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definition of the word forever

by the Wiktionnary

forever (not comparable)


not comparable

none (absolute)

  1. For all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time.
    I shall love you forever.
  2. (colloquially) for a very long time.
    We had to wait forever to get inside.
  3. (colloquially) for an excessively long time.
    It took her forever to get dressed and ready for the party.
    The drive to his mothers' house took forever.
  4. (colloquially) constantly or frequently.
    You are forever nagging me.
  5. (colloquially) a mythical time in the infinite future that will never come.
    Sure, I'd be happy to meet with you on the 12th of forever.
    If I have to wait while you finish that project, then I'll be here forever.

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