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definition of the word firma

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From Spanish firma.


  1. A signature.
    • 1586: testimony of Don Juan
      auh yn don diego de velasco ynic quineltilia huel ymatica quitlalia yn ifirma yhuã ytoca
      (But to verify it don Diego de Velasco with his very own hand places here his signature and name.)
    • 1645: sale of house and land by Agustín de Santiago to Juan Gómez Monteagudo, Spaniard, and wife
      ypanpa nican nictlallia nofirma
      (wherefore I set down here my signature)
    • 1720: confirmation of the status of fields belonging to Santa Elena
      ca nican tictlalia yn tofirma
      (Here we set down our signatures)

  • Lockhart, James (1991). Nahuas and Spaniards: Postconquest Central Mexican History and Philology, pp. 87, 100, 104, Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Italian firma - signature of a company.

firma (more common word is şirket)

  1. firm (company).

  • Useinov & Mireev Dictionary, Simferopol, Dolya, 2002 [1]

firma f.

  1. firm (business)


  1. firm, company.

Latin firmare < firmus, cognate include firm, fermare

firma f. (plural firme)

  1. signature


  1. Third-person singular present tense of firmare.
  2. Second-person singular imperative of firmare.

firma (firmus, firmum)

  1. firm, steady, strong


  1. imperative of firmo - to strengthen

firma n. (definite singular [[firmaet]]; indefinite plural [[firmaer]]; definite plural [[firmaene]])

  1. company (business)

firma f.

  1. company (in legal context, a corporation)

Singular Plural
Nominative firma firmy
Genitive firmy firm
Dative firmie firmom
Accusative firmę firmy
Instrumental firmą firmami
Locative firmie firmach
Vocative firmo firmy

firma f. (plural firmas)

firma f.

firmas f.

  1. signature.
  2. (business) company.

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