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definition of the word fine

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From Middle English fin < Old French fin (fine, minute, exact), probably < Latin finitus (literally finished (used as an adjective by Cicero, of words, well rounded)), pp. of finere (to limit, bound, define, terminate, finish) < finis (a limit, end).

fine (comparative finer, superlative finest)




  1. Of superior quality.
    • The tree frog that they encountered was truly a fine specimen.
    • Only a really fine wine could fully complement Lucía's hand-made pasta.
  2. Of a particular grade of quality, usually between very good and very fine, and below mint.
    • The small scratch meant that his copy of X-Men #2 was merely fine when it otherwise would have been near mint.
  3. (of weather) Sunny and not raining.
  4. (informal) Being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory.
    • "How are you today?" "Fine."
    • "Will this one do? It's got a dent in it" "Yeah, it'll be fine, I guess."
    • "It's fine with me if you stay out late, so long as you're back by three."
  5. (informal) Good-looking, attractive.
    • "That man is so fine that I'd jump into his pants without a moment's hesitation."
  6. Consisting of especially minute particulate; made up of particularly small pieces.
    • Grind it into a fine powder.
    • When she touched the artifact, it collapsed into a heap of fine dust.
  7. Particularly slender; especially thin, narrow, or of small girth.
    • The threads were so fine that you had to look through a magnifying glass to see them.
  8. Made of slender or thin filaments.
    • They protected themselves from the small parasites with a fine wire mesh.

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