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definition of the word feminine

by the Wiktionnary

From Old French feminin, from Latin femininus, from femina woman; probably akin to Latin fetus, or to Greek to suck, to suckle, Sanskrit dhā to suck; compare Anglo-Saxon fǣmme woman, maid: compare French féminin. See fetus.

feminine (comparative more feminine, superlative most feminine)


more feminine

most feminine

  1. Having the qualities associated with a woman or the female gender; suitable to, or characteristic of, a woman; nurturing; not masculine or aggressive.
    Her heavenly form Angelic, but more soft and feminineMilton
    Her letters are remarkably deficient in feminine ease and graceMacaulay
    Ninus being esteemed no man of war at all, but altogether feminine, and subject to ease and delicacySir Walter Raleigh
  2. Of the female sex; biologically female, not male, womanly.
  3. Belonging to females; appropriated to, or used by, females.
    Mary, Elizabeth, and Edith are feminine names.
  4. (grammar) Grammatical gender distinction in languages that have it such as Spanish and Hindi that describes nouns including those pertaining to females and objects that are assigned the feminine gender.

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