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definition of the word falsely

by the Wiktionnary

falsely (comparative more falsely, superlative most falsely)


more falsely

most falsely

  1. In a false manner.
    He protested his innocence to the end, claiming he had been falsely charged and convicted.
    • 1910, "PRINCETON'S GRADUATE COLLEGE; Issues a Denial [....]", in New York Times, Feb 4, 1910
      This could not be more falsely stated.
    • 1989, "Why Kill A Pollster?", in Washington Post, Dec 9, 1989
      Our insensitive laughter echoes even more falsely now.
    • 2003, "Wordsworthian Southey: the fashioning of a reputation.", Wordsworth Circle, Jan 1, 2003
      And on none of them does the name ring more falsely than on Robert Southey.

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