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definition of the word faction

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Latin factio, noun of process from perfect passive participle factus, from facere (to do, to make)

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faction (plural factions)

  1. A group of people , especially within a political organization, who express a shared belief or opinion different from people who are not part of the group.
  2. Strife; discord.
    • 1805, Englisches Lesebuch Für Kaufleute, Johann Georg Cleminius, pg. 188:
      Publick [sic] affairs soon fell into the utmost confusion, and in this state of faction and perplexity, the island continued, until its re-capture by the French in 1779.
    • 2001, "Concord and Peace": A Rhetorical Analysis of the First Letter of Clement With an Emphasis on the Language of Unity and Sedition, Odd Magne Bakke, publ. Mohr Siebeck, ISBN 3161476379, pg. 89:
      He asks the audience if they believe that they will be more loved by the gods if the city is in a state of faction than if they govern the city with good order and concord.

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