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definition of the word emollient

by the Wiktionnary

Latin emollient-, present participle stem of emolliare (make soft) from e- + mollis (soft).



emollient (plural emollients)

  1. Something which softens or lubricates the skin.
    • 2008, Carol A. Miller, Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults (Fifth edition), Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, p. 505,
      [T]he effectiveness of an emollient is based on its ability to prevent water evaporation, []
  2. Anything soothing the mind, or that makes something more acceptable.
    • 2004, David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas,
      Attentive conversation is an emollient I lack sorely aboard Prophetess & the doctor is a veritable polymath.

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