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definition of the word ela

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See also Ela, ELA, and elä


ela f. (plural eles)

  1. The letter L (lowercase l).

From Latin illa (that).

ela m nominative and oblique (dative lle, accusative a)

  1. she (feminine singular third-person personal pronoun)

Portuguese personal pronouns (edit)
Number Person Subject
(nominative case)
Direct object
(accusative case)
Indirect object
(dative case)
com +
indirect object
Singular First eu me mim comigo
Second tu te ti contigo
Third ele, ela lhe, o, a, se ele, ela, si consigo
Plural First nós nos nós conosco
Second vós vos vós convosco
Third eles, elas lhes, os, as, se eles, elas, si consigo

  • IPA: /ˈɛla/


  1. she, it
  2. (with preposition) her

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