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definition of the word dwarf

by the Wiktionnary

[Before 900] From Middle English dwerf, Old English dweorh and dweorg. Compare Dutch dwerg, German Zwerg, Low Saxon Dwarg, and Old Norse dvergr.


dwarfs or dwarves

dwarf (plural dwarfs or dwarves)

  1. A person with short stature, often one whose limbs are disproportionately small in relation to the body as compared with normal adults, usually as the result of a genetic condition.
  2. An animal, plant or other thing much smaller than the usual of its sort.
  3. A creature from folklore, usually depicted as having mystical powers and being skilled at crafts such as woodwork and metalworking. Especially often found in Scandinavian folklore. Sometimes pluralized dwarves, especially in modern fantasy literature.
  4. (astronomy) A star of relatively small size.
  5. (paganism) An underground dwelling nature spirit famed for metalcraft in Heathenry.

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