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definition of the word draught

by the Wiktionnary

(US:) draft

From Old English dræht, from draġan to draw.



draught (plural draughts)

  1. The action or an act of pulling something along, esp. a beast of burden, vehicle or tractor.
  2. The act of drawing.
  3. That which is drawn.
  4. That which draws.
  5. Capacity of being drawn.
  6. A current of air (usually coming into a room or vehicle).
  7. The depth below the water line to the bottom of a vessel's hull.
  8. An amount of liquid that is drunk in one swallow.
    She took a deep draught from the bottle of water.
  9. (UK) A game piece used in the game of draughts.
  10. (Australia) A type of beer, brewed using a top-fermenting yeast; ale.

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