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definition of the word donna

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  1. third-person singular past historic form of donner

  • IPA: [ˈdunə]


  1. Plural form of donn 'brown'.

  • IPA: [ˈdɔnna]

Latin domina - lady, mistress of an estate or household

donna f. (plural donne)

  1. (somewhat obsolete) lady
  2. woman
  3. wife
  4. (card, chess) queen
  5. actress

Japanese demonstratives (edit)
ko- so- a- do-
此れ (, kore)
this one
其れ (, sore)
that one
彼れ (, are)
that one over there
何れ (, dore)
which one?
此の (, kono)
(of) this
其の (, sono)
(of) that
彼の (, ano)
(of) that over there
何の (, dono)
(of) which?
んな (konna)
like this
んな (sonna)
like that
んな (anna)
like that over there
んな (donna)
how? what sort of?
此処 (, koko)
this place
其処 (, soko)
that place
彼処 (そこ*, asoko*)
that place over there
何処 (, doko)
which place?
此方 (ちら, kochira)
this way
其方 (ちら, sochira)
that way
彼方 (ちら, achira)
that way over there
何方 (ちら, dochira)
which way?
in this manner
in that manner
in that (other) manner
如何 (, )
in what manner?
* irregular formation

donna (hiragana どんな)

  1. どんな: how?; like what?; what kind of...?

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