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definition of the word domestic

by the Wiktionnary

Latin domesticus < Latin domus (house, home)

domestic (comparative more domestic, superlative most domestic)


more domestic

most domestic

  1. Of or related to the home
    • 1994, George Whitmore, Getting Rid of Robert in Violet Quill:
      “Dan’s not as domestic as you," I commented rather nastily.
  2. Of or related to activities normally associated with the home, wherever they actually occur
  3. (Of a domesticated animal) kept by someone, for example as a farm animal or a pet.
    • 1890, US Bureau of Animal Industry, Annual report v 6/7, 1889/90
      It shall be the duty of any owner or person in charge of any domestic animal or animals.
  4. Internal to a specific country
    • 1996, Robert O. Keohane, Helen V. Milner, Internationalization and Domestic Politics:
      The proportion of international economic flows relative to domestic ones.

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