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definition of the word discipline

by the Wiktionnary

From Middle English < Old English < Old French descipline and desciple < Latin disciplina (instruction) and discipulus (pupil) from discere (to learn) < Indo-European *dek- "(cause to) accept", other derivatives of which, and that preserve the Indo-European root and meaning, include doctor, document, doctrine and docent (all from Latin docere) as well as dogma, dignity and decorate.



discipline (plural disciplines)

  1. controlled behaviour; self-control
  2. enforced compliance or control
  3. a systematic method of obtaining obedience
  4. a state of order based on submission to authority
  5. punishment to train or maintain control
  6. a set of rules regulating behaviour
  7. flagellation as a means of obtaining sexual gratification
  8. a specific branch of knowledge or learning
  9. a category in which a certain art, sport or other activity belongs, or a sub-category of said activity.

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