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definition of the word deviate

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Late Latin deviatus, p.p. of deviare, from the phrase de via.



deviate (plural deviates)

  1. (sociology) A person with deviant behaviour; a deviant, degenerate or pervert.
    • 1915: James Cornelius Wilson, A Handbook of medical diagnosis [1]
      ...Walton has suggested that it is desirable "to name the phenomena signs of deviation, and call their possessors deviates or a deviate as the case may be...
    • 1959: Leon Festinger, Stanley Schachter, Kurt W. Back, Social Pressures in Informal Groups: A Study of Human Factors in Housing [2]
      Under these conditions the person who appears as a deviate is a deviate only because we have chosen, somewhat arbitrarily, to call him a member of the court ...
    • 2001: Rupert Brown, Group Processes [3]
      ...The second confederate was also to be a deviate initially...
  2. (statistics) A value equal to the difference between a measured variable factor and a fixed or algorithmic reference value.
    • 1928: Karl J. Holzinger, Statistical Methods for Students in Education [4]
      It will be noted that for a deviate x = 1.5, the ordinate z will have the value .130...
    • 2001: Sanjeev B. Sarmukaddam, Indrayan Indrayan, Abhaya Indrayan, Medical Biostatistics [5]
      This difference is called a deviate. When a deviate is divided by its SD a, it is called a relative deviate or a standard deviate.
    • 2005: Michael J. Crawley, Statistics: An Introduction Using R [6]
      This is a deviate so the appropriate function is qt. We need to supply it with the probability (in this case p = 0.975) and the degrees of freedom...

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