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definition of the word cursor

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From Latin cursor, (runner), from cursus, perfect passive participle of currere, (run), + -or agentive suffix. Ultimately from PIE.



cursor (plural cursors)

  1. A part of any of several scientific instruments that moves back and forth to indicate a position
  2. (graphical user interface) A moving icon or other representation of the position of the pointing device.
  3. (graphical user interface) An indicator, often a blinking line or bar, indicating where the next insertion or other edit will take place. Also referred to as "the caret".
  4. (databases) A reference to a row of data in a table, which moves from row to row as data is retrieved by way of it.
  5. (programming) A design pattern in object oriented methodology in which a collection is iterated uniformly, also know as the "Iterator" pattern.

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