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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *krukjō(crutch, staff), from Proto-Indo-European *grewg-(wrinkle, bend), from Proto-Indo-European *ger-(to turn, bend).


IPA(key): /kritt͡ʃ/


criċċ f (nominative plural criċċe)

  1. crutch, staff
    • Gird din and cricc ðín me fréfredon
      Thy rod and Thy staff comfort me.
    • c. 1000 Ælfric's Metrical Lives of the Saints
      Hé mid twám criccum creáp him tó Wynceastre
      He crawled with two crutches to Winchester.
  2. a bishop's crook
    • c. 800 Épinal Glossary (ref. Sweet's Oldest English Texts, p72)
      Lituus, baculum augurale in prima parte curvum, id est crycc
      A curved staff, an augur's staff curved in the first part, is a crycc
    • Quoted in The Shrine: a Collection of Occasional Papers on Dry Subjects, Thomas Oswald Cockayne (1864-1870) p.70, l.14:
      Se biscop slóh mid his cricce on ðá eorðan
      The bishop struck with his crook on the earth.