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definition of the word cow

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From Old English from Proto-Germanic *kūz from Proto-Indo-European *gʷōus. Cognate with Dutch koe, German Kuh, Swedish ko; and, from Indo-European, with Ancient Greek βοῦς (bous), Latin bos, Persian گاو (gāv), Armenian կով (kov), Archaic Russian говядо and Latvian govs.

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cows or kine (archaic)

cow (cows or kine (archaic))

  1. A female domesticated ox or other bovine, especially an adult after she has had a calf.
  2. More generally, any domestic bovine regardless of sex or age.
  3. The female of larger species of mammal, including bovines, moose, whales, seals, hippos, rhinos, manatees, and elephants.
  4. (UK, derogatory, informal) A woman who is considered despicable in some way, especially one considered to be fat, lazy, ugly, argumentative, mean or spiteful.
  5. (informal) Anything that is annoyingly difficult, awkward or graceless.
    That website is a real cow to navigate.
  6. (informal) A conniption fit or hissy fit; to become agitated.
    Don't have a cow!

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