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definition of the word cover

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Middle English coveren < Old French covrir (French: couvrir) < Latin cooperire (to cover completely).

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the original sense of the verb and noun cover was hide from view as in its cognate covert. Except in the limited sense of cover again, the word recover is unrelated and is cognate with recuperate.



cover (plural covers)

  1. A lid.
  2. The hiding from view.
  3. The front and back of a book or magazine.
  4. The top sheet of a bed.
  5. A cover charge.
    There's a $15 cover tonight.
  6. A setting at a restaurant table.
    We need to set another cover for the Smith party.
  7. (music) A rerecording of a previously recorded song; a cover version; a cover song.
  8. (cricket) A fielding position on the off side, between point and mid off, about 30° forward of square; a fielder in this position.
  9. (topology) A set (more often known as a family) of sets, whose union contains the given set.
    The open intervals are a cover for the real numbers.
  10. (philately) An envelope complete with stamps and postmarks etc.
  11. (military) A solid object, including terrain, that provides protection from enemy fire.
  12. (law) In commercial law, a buyer’s purchase on the open market of goods similar or identical to the goods contracted for after a seller has breached a contract of sale by failure to deliver the goods contracted for.
  13. (insurance) An insurance contract; coverage by an insurance contract.

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