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definition of the word copia

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  1. Third-person singular past historic of copier.

còpia, /ˈkɔpja/

copia f. (plural copie)

  1. copy


  1. third person singular present tense of copiare
  2. second person singular imperative of copiare

cōpia (genitive cōpiae); f, first declension

  1. supply
  2. abundance
  3. In the plural: troops, forces

Number Singular Plural
nominative cōpia cōpiae
genitive cōpiae cōpiārum
dative cōpiae cōpiīs
accusative cōpiam cōpiās
ablative cōpiā cōpiīs
vocative cōpia cōpiae

  • IPA: [kopiˈa]

a copia (third-person singular present copiază, past participle copiat1st conj.

  1. to copy

Latin copia.

copia f. (plural copias)

copia f.

copias f.

  1. abundance
  2. copy

copia (infinitive copiar)

  1. informal second-person singular () affirmative imperative form of copiar.
  2. Formal second-person singular (usted) present indicative form of copiar.
  3. Third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) present indicative form of copiar.

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