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definition of the word contend

by the Wiktionnary

< contendere (to strech out, extend, strive after, contend) < com- (together) + tendere (to stretch); see tend, and cf. attend, extend, intend, subtend.

to contend

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to contend (third-person singular simple present contends, present participle contending, simple past and past participle contended)

  1. to strive in opposition; to contest; to dispute; to vie; to quarrel; to fight.
    For never two such kingdoms did contend without much fall of blood.
  2. to struggle or exert one's self to obtain or retain possession of, or to defend.
    You sit above, and see vain men below contend for what you only can bestow.
  3. to strive in debate; to engage in discussion; to dispute; to argue.
    The question which our author would contend for - many things he fiercely contended about were trivial.

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