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concordat (plural concordats)

  1. A formal agreement between two nations; a compact
  2. (often capitalized) An agreement between the Pope and a government that recognizes and regulates Catholic affairs
    • 1820, Theodore Lyman, The Political State of Italy
      That eminent and independant statesman, Count Louis of Medicis, concluded a concordat with cardinal Gonsalvi, at Terracina, on the 16th February, 1816, probably the most humiliating instrument to which the Roman court has been forced to submit since the fall of the Bonapartes.
    • 1846, William Scott, The Christian Remembrancer
      The Concordat of the See of Rome with King Diniz is the most interesting ecclesiastical epoch […].
    • 2000, Bruno Kreisky, Matthew Paul Berg, The Struggle for a Democratic Austria: Bruno Kreisky on Peace and Social Justice, page 486
      Later, he also promoted a significant degree of reconciliation between the Austrian social democratic movement and the Roman Catholic Church through the negotiation of the 1960 Concordat.
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