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definition of the word colored

by the Wiktionnary

colored (comparative more colored, superlative most colored)


more colored

most colored

  1. Having a particular color or kind of color.
    • The room was colored red, with a dark-colored rug.
  2. Having prominent colors; colorful.
    • The singer wore a colored shirt.
  3. Influenced pervasively but subtly.
    • My opinions are colored by my upbringing.
  4. (US, older usage, now demeaning) Of skin color other than the white, particularly black.
    • Being of an older generation, they considered themselves "colored ladies"
  5. (South Africa, potentially offensive) Of neither black nor white skin color.
    • Most of the colored community speaks Afrikaans, whereas languages like Xhosa or Venda are typically spoken by blacks and English mostly by whites.

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