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definition of the word coffee

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roasted coffee beans
coffee (beverage)

From Italian caffè < Turkish kahve < Arabic قهوة (qahwa), coffee). Some Ethiopians claim a derivation from Kaffa, an ancient province of Ethiopia where coffee is said to have originated, but this etymology is highly improbable as it fails to explain the initial shift to the Arabic 'qahwa'. At the same time, qahwa refers only to coffee in liquid form. When it is dry, either as beans or ground, Arabs call coffee بن (bunn). That word comes from 'buna', the Amharic word for coffee.

Many sources state that the Arabic term meant 'a brew', especially wine.


countable and uncountable; coffees

coffee (countable and uncountable; plural coffees)

  1. A beverage made by infusing the beans of the coffee plant in hot water.
  2. A serving of the beverage coffee
    We’d like three coffees on this table please
  3. The seeds of the plant used to make coffee, misnamed ‘beans’ due to their shape.
  4. A tropical plant of the genus Coffea.
  5. (color) A pale brown colour, like that of milk coffee.
    coffee colour:    

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