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definition of the word chip

by the Wiktionnary

From Old English cipp (small piece of wood)



chip (plural chips)

  1. A small piece broken from a larger piece of solid material.
  2. A damaged area of a surface where a chip has been broken off.
    This cup has a chip in it.
  3. A token used in place of cash in gambling.
  4. (electronics) A circuit fabricated in one piece on a small, thin substrate.
  5. (US) A thin, crisp, baked piece of vegetable, usually potato.
    potato chips
    tortilla chips
  6. (British/Australian/New Zealand) A fried strip of potato of square or rectangular cross-section, similar to French fries.
  7. (sports) A shot where the ball goes more upwards than a regular shot
  8. (curling) A takeout that hits a rock at an angle.
  9. A dried piece of dung used as fuel.
  10. (New Zealand, northern) A receptacle, usually for strawberries or other fruit.

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