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definition of the word case

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From Middle English cas < Old English cas(us) (noun case) < Old French cas (an event) < Latin casus (a falling, a fall; accident, event, occurrence; occasion, opportunity; noun case), perfect passive participle of cadere (to fall, sink, drop) < Proto-Indo-European base *kad- (to fall).



case (plural cases)

  1. (law) A legal proceeding, lawsuit.
  2. One of several similar instances or events which are being studied and compared.
  3. (grammar): An instance of grammatical case; a category of nouns, pronouns, or adjectives, specialized (usually by inflection) to indicate a particular syntactic relation to other words in a sentence.
    The accusative case canonically indicates a direct object.
    Latin has six cases, and remnants of a seventh.
  4. (grammar) (uncountable) A set of grammatical cases or their meanings in a particular language collectively.
    Jane has been studying case in Caucasian languages.
    Latin is a language that employs case.

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