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definition of the word between

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another right each #173: between face tell because

Old English betwēonum



  1. In the position or interval that separates (two things), or intermediate in quantity or degree. (See the Usage notes below.)
    John stood between Amy and Mary.
    Let's meet between two and three.
    I want to buy one that costs somewhere between forty and fifty dollars.
  2. Shared in confidence.
    Between you and me, I think the boss is crazy.
    Let's keep this between ourselves.
  3. In transit from (one to the other, or connecting places).
    He's between jobs right now.
    The shuttle runs between the town and the airport.
  4. Combined (by effort or ownership).
    Between us all, we shall succeed.
    We've only got £5 between us.
  5. One of (representing a choice).
    You must choose between him and me.

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